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Children's Centres - local port of call for early help and advice

Children's Centres provide information and support for children aged birth to five years and their families. The Centres are intended to be the first local port of call when a mother, father or carer needs help or advice; whether that is in relation to parenting, their child's well being, learning and development, or simply to find out about activities.

Examples of additional services available from Children's Centres include:                                            

  • Information, advice and support for parents/ carers
  • Early years provision (such as pre-school childcare and nurseries)
  • Family health services
  • Antenatal and pre-natal classes
  • Encouragement and support for parents thinking about training or finding a new job

Children's Centres are found at various venues.  You can find details of your nearest centre by searching for "Children's Centres" on this website and adding your postcode.

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