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Preparing For Adulthood

Growing up and becoming an adult is known as Preparing for Adulthood or PfA for short.  There are 4 areas of PfA which are improtant for everyone growing up.  These are:

Training, employment or getting a job

Independent living

Having friends and being part of your community

Keeping healthy

Click here for videos of some young adults talking about what's important to them and their experiences of becoming an adult

Young people talking about what's important to them

Making decisions - involving young people


PfA outcome areas


Preparing for adulthood review process

Talk to your school about how your review will take place.

Independent living

Transition planning for disabled young people

Transforming Care - supported living


This film from Inclusion Gloucestershire uses disabled and non-disabled actors to tell the story of someone making the transition into supported living and how they made that journey.


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