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Gloucestershire's Child Neglect Toolkit

Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility. Find out more about the multi-agency child neglect toolkit.

The neglect of children and young people is one of the most complex areas of identification and intervention within the child safeguarding field.

Gloucestershire Safeguarding Children Partnership (GSCP) has launched a neglect toolkit to help everyone in Gloucestershire to consistently identify and assess signs of neglect in children and young people at the earliest possible stage.

Neglect can have a devastating and long term impact on children’s lives. The child neglect toolkit should be used when there is cause for concern that a child’s needs are not being met so that action can be taken to stop things from getting worse.

The toolkit is easy to use and can help you to understand the signs of child neglect and identify where improvements may need to be made. It is a tool that can be used with families and does not replace assessments such as Early Help or Children’s Social Care assessments. It is essential that we all work together to tackle the issue of child neglect. The toolkit has been developed as a result of findings from local and national serious case reviews, especially the case of ‘Abigail’ and her siblings which was published by the GSCB in 2014. The recent Ofsted inspection also highlighted the importance of a consistent approach to the identification of child neglect and the provision of effective help to children and families at the earliest possible stage.

The neglect toolkit can be viewed here

Further information about neglect can be found on the GSCP website

Training sessions in relation to understanding when a child may be experiencing neglect, including how to use the toolkit will soon be available across the county. Details of the training modules will be available here, when you search 'neglect'.

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