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Epilepsy in Schools and Early Years Settings within the Local Authority

Gloucestershire Care Services have produced guidelines on the management of medical conditions.  The aim of the guidelines is to ensure a standard for managing epilepsy in Schools, Early Years and Social Care settings. 

Epilepsy is a condition that may require treatment/intervention at any time, to enable a young person/child to participate in activities of daily living which includes attending School/Early Years/Social Care settings which is essential to promote and enhance their education, health and well-being.

The guidelines give recommendations for raising awareness and management of children with epilepsy.  The principles are evidenced based and underpinned by Government policies such as: Every Child Matters: Change for Children (2004), The Children’s Act (2004), and the delivery of the Healthy Child Programme (2009) in ensuring the principles of early intervention and health promotion.  You can download the guidelines on the right hand side of this page.

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