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Young People's Local Offer Feedback

The Local Offer: One Year On

Each comment on the Local Offer in the first year, and our response, can be found below.

Young people's comments were mixed on how much they like or dislike the way the Local Offer looks. We know that we have a big challenge in finding ways to engage young people in developing our Local Offer so that it works well for them, and we will continue to look for opportunities to improve on how we do that. Any young people who want to help us to do that should get in touch by emailing or you can use our easy read feedback form.

We have considered each request and suggestions, and taken action.  Please do look at our responses in detail, and continue to let us know how you think we are doing.

Overall we have had fewer comments and suggestions than we expected, and we hope that this will increase in our second year.  Please keep on looking at the Local Offer and helping us to improve it.

You said:

"The Local Offer website has lots of information. The information is useful.  It could have more pictures to help us know what it is about" 

"I like the Local Offer website.  I could find everything because is is categorized correctly to find the information you need.  The information is useful as it explains how to help develop life skills.  Could not find any faults"

"I like the Local Offer website.  I could find the information that I was looking for and it was useful.  Keep upgrading with time"

"We do like the Local Offer.  We could find the things that we were looking for (things to do, education, employment, training and volunteering) and it was useful.  Can you post local offer planned activities"

Our Response:

"We can print off information from the website and post it to out to people as and when requested"  

You Said:

"We don't like the Local Offer website - there is too much text, the colours are un-appealing - it's boring.  The format and the way the information is set out is confusing, not user friendly and puts you off going any further.  You would need someone to assist you to access this site.  The information once soneone was able to help us find it was useful.  It could be made better be giving people the ability to change the background colour, font size, more pictures, audio descriptors where there is lots of text, use pictures that are more age appropriate, have easy read pages that are not out of date and show more information in different formats"

Our Response:

"We are keen to engage and work closely with young people to make the Local Offer more accessible.  Feedback is a really important part of this process so the more feedback and ideas we get, the better.  The next stage will be to identify groups of young people we can work with to co-produce a more user friendly version of the Local Offer"

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