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Support for children released from custody

It is very important that any young person who spends time in custody is able to continue his or her education. To support this in Gloucestershire all young people are allocated a Case Responsible Officer  (CRO) who will support them through their time in custody and upon release. Planning for their resettlement into the community will begin at the start of any custodial sentence. This will involve close working with our CROs who focus on those young people who are not in education, employment or training (NEET) to ensure that where possible relevant education and training can continue whilst in custody and there are plans in place for their release.

Following release the young people will continue to be supported by their CRO to enable them  access to relevant education and training opportunities and this will form part of their licence in the community and be subject to regular reviews.

If you’d like to find out more about what we offer, call us on 01452 426900 or email us at or use the following web link:



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