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What SEN Support can I expect from my child's school?

Gloucestershire County Council wants as many children as possible to attend their local mainstream school within their own community.  Schools are allocated funding for pupils identified with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND).  Gloucestershire County Council expects this funding to be used to provide support within the school for those pupils who require it.

If you think your child has SEN or a disability, you should talk to your school, early years setting or college.  Start with the class teacher or the SENCo (a teacher who co-ordinates the SEND provision at school).

If your child's school thinks your child has SEND, they should talk to you to see what you think and gather evidence such as reports about your child's progress.  If they decide to provide your child with support for their SEND, they must tell you.

If your child has SEND, your school will do its very best to give your child the support they need.  That could include getting advice and support from specialists outside the school (such as an Educational Psychologist or the Advisory Teaching Service).

Children and young poeple with SEND will be provided with SEN Support. SEN Support in Gloucestershire follows a graduated pathway process.  Find out more about SEN Support in Gloucestershire here.

School SEND Information Reports

School's are required to publish their SEND Information Reports on Gloucestershire's Local Offer.  The SEND Information Reports will provide details of how schools plan to support children and young people with SEND.  If you search for schools on the directory there will either be a link directly to their SEND Information Report, or this information may be uploaded onto their record.  If you need assistance with this, contact the Family Information Service on 0800 542 0202. 

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