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Parents’ Relationships Matter!

Do you recognise any of these things?

  • Arguing, having rows, shouting all the time with each other about things like, money, family, how you parent your children or doing the housework
  • Frequent sulking, silent treatment, slamming doors or walking away from each other
  • Are you anxious or worried that this getting in the way of managing everyday life

Whether you’re together or separated, a stepparent, in a same-sex relationship, foster carer or adoptive parents, the way we communicate with each other, effects the children we care for. 

Disagreements and arguments are completely normal and part of everyday life but if it is becoming a problem then you can get help.  Poor relationship quality is not the same as domestic abuse – if you are afraid of your partner or feeling that they control your life then this is may be domestic abuse, please seek help . To understand  more about what we mean by domestic abuse is please follow this link for further information and advice What is domestic abuse? - Gloucestershire Domestic Abuse Support Service (GDASS)

Gloucestershire has a programme of advice, guidance and support called ‘Parents Relationships Matter’.  We are working with parents and services across the county to help people improve the quality of their relationships as early as possible to make a positive impact on children and young people’s lives. 

Lets get better at arguing! we will never agree on everything, and when we don’t, it is important that we show children how to stay calm, communicate better and show them how to resolve arguments in a positive way, but sometimes we need help to understand how to do this.  

If you prefer to do things independently, follow the Pink Tab for Self Help for further helpful tools to improve relationship quality.

If you need face to face help please follow the Pink Tab for Face to Face support.

You can gain further support by speaking to a professional you already know or contact your nearest:

  • Children & Family Centre
  • Pre-school or School
  • Social Prescriber/GP surgery

You can also contact the Family Information Service.

Watch the video to find out more information

A video example to discuss the impact of conflict upon children.

Support for Practitioners

If you are a practitioner looking for more information regarding Parents' Relationships Matter Programme please click HERE

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