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Disagreements and communication in relationships : Key things to think about

  • Disagreements in relationships happens its natural. The important thing to consider is how are you handling it.
  • If you can work through disagreements calmly and positively it strengthens our relationship and is better for your children.
  • Through good communication (talking and listening), being respectful, seeing different points of view and taking time out we can sort out differences and disagreements
  • It is important to take time out to communicate and keep conflict away from children

Couple Mediation

  • Mediation is a space to listen to the views of each person.
  • It can help you understand what needs to happen to resolve your differences.
  • It will help you to settle specific ongoing disputes and find your own solutions.
  • The mediator will ask you both to explain your point of view and will help you explore options.
  • The mediator won’t judge you, take sides or tell you what to do.

Mediation is most suitable if you:

  • want practical help to improve your relationship and settle disputes
  • want to focus on the future and what needs to change.

Couple Counselling

  • Counselling can help you to understand each other better so you have fewer arguments and get on better.
  • It can help you to look at what is behind emotions and arguments, to see the difference from the other side and understand how your background is influencing your behaviour.
  • The counsellor will encourage you both to talk.
  • They won’t judge you, take sides or tell you what to do.

Counselling is most suitable for long term issues such as:

  • affairs
  • differences in cultural or economic background
  • addiction
  • bereavement
  • health issues.

Conflict Coaching

  • Conflict coaching is a space where you can talk about the conflict you are experiencing.
  • Conflict coaching will provide you with a set of skills and strategies to help you resolve conflict.
  • The conflict coach will work one-on-one with you
  • It will enable you to consider options for managing the conflict.

Conflict coaching is most suitable if you:

  • Want to learn how to productively resolve conflict, but your partner or ex partner can't or won't attend a session with you.

Serious conflict?

GDASS can help if there's more serious conflict in your relationship, like controlling or abusive behaviour.

Need parenting advice?

Find local parenting courses

Not sure?

Talk to a professional you already know or contact your:

  • Children & Family Centre
  • Nursery or School

They can refer you to other relationship support programmes

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