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Meeting the needs of children and families through Early Help

This section provides advice, guidance and practical tools to all practitioners around offering inclusive, early help support to children and families within Gloucestershire. The blue tabs on the left hand side of the page will take you to more specific information about various aspects of early help and supporting children, young people and their families.

It is suggested that you read the Early Help Practice Guidance to ensure you are familiar with how Early Help works within Gloucestershire. This document talks about how you as a practitioner can support children and families where they have additional and emerging needs. It has been broken down into sections for you so that it is easy to navigate and find the information you need.

You will also find the tools and templates you need to support children and families within the ‘Using the Graduated Pathway of Early Help and Support’ tab. This includes the My Plan and My Plan + templates as well as information about how to register assessments and plans with the Local Authority to aid information sharing and reduce duplication for families in re-telling their stories.

You can also find links to other teams who are able to provide support to children and families as well as the support that you can access as a practitioner by clicking on the relevant blue tabs including 'Lead Practitioner Support' and 'Working Together to Support children and families'.

It can sometimes be difficult to identify what a child or young person’s needs are especially if there is additional potential harm from other underlying factors for example children suffering from neglect. In Gloucestershire child neglect has been a prominent feature of Serious Case reviews in recent times and as a result a Child Neglect Toolkit has been developed to support the early identification of children and young people at risk of neglect. The toolkit supports practitioners to reflect on the child or young person’s circumstances; identifying strengths and resources to support families whilst also evidencing the practitioner’s concerns. For more information on using the neglect toolkit and where to get support to understand and identify neglect please click HERE.

If you are looking for funding ideas, training and development information or information about policy and legislation you can find them within other sections of the directory by clicking on the words above. There is also a section within the Information for Practitioners area, which has a wealth of direct work tools and resources that you can use to support your work with children and young people. To access this please click HERE.

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