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Intervention Circle (IC)

Intervention Circle model

As part of the wider Joint Additional and High Needs Transformation programme, the Intervention Circle (IC) supports professionals within Gloucestershire County Council (and its commissioned partners) to provide additional help to those who need it, when they need it.

The IC is a multi-disciplinary forum that provides an opportunity for services/ agencies to meet virtually and support one another to address the unmet educational needs of children and young people (CYP) who are:

  • Open to Statutory Services


Referrals are invited from GCC Professionals and their commissioned partners where the referral criteria are met.For a conversation to inform the appropriateness of an IC referral please contact the Multi-Agency Forum Co-ordinator (MAFCo) on 01452 427 434


The Intervention Circle model aims to:

  • Work collaboratively to provide inclusive support at the earliest opportunity - removing barriers to education through the creation of a multi-disciplinary operational group that enhances support already being offered through statutory interventions.
  • Align Care and Education services and processes to enable an holistic package of support that works towards removing barriers for a CYP, thus enabling access to full and appropriate education.
  • Prioritise support for CYP and avoid duplication of services and multiple plans where this can be avoided.
  • Support services and schools to meet the needs of CYP and wider family units by providing access to specialist advice, guidance and interventions.


Services/ Agencies involved in the Intervention Circle model include:

  • Access to Education Service – GCC
  • APS Senior Leader – CTAPS/SCAPS/GFAPS (-Still to be fully consulted)
  • Early Help and Targeted Support – GCC
  • Edge of Care* – GCC
  • Education Inclusion Service – GCC
  • Education, Health & Care Plan Service - GCC
  • Education  Strategy and Development - GCC
  • Educational Psychology – GCC
  • Gloucestershire Hospital Education Service – GCC (–Still to be fully consulted)
  • Schools Inclusion Lead – Various schools/ academies
  • Social Care (Assessment/ Safeguarding)* – GCC
  • Specialist Commissioning Service - GCC
  • Virtual School
  • Youth Support (Youth Justice) - Prospects

*In attendance for all CYP open to a Social Care team

Test and Learn Approach

Intervention Circle adopts a ‘Test and Learn’ approach that enables it to remain agile and be informed by stakeholder feedback. For this reason stakeholders are encouraged to take documents directly from this webpage as new versions of documents are uploaded regularly.

As part of the ‘Test and Learn’ approach you are encouraged to send any feedback about the IC to Your feedback will help shape the future of the model, and the wider Education inclusion continuum of forum support.

Advice and support available to all Professionals

We recognise that when a CYP is experiencing barriers to education professionals- looking for advice and support may be unsure about where best that support can be accessed from.This is often because emerging behaviours can be complex and can be a combination of unmet school and home needs. 

We want to make finding the right support for a CYP much easier for professionals which is why we are developing the IC as part of a continuum of education inclusion forum support. Professionals are still encouraged to engage in conversations with colleagues outside of the IC process if they know who to speak to and which support they wish to access. Further support and signposting can be provided by the Multi-Agency Forum Co-ordinator (MAFCo) on 01452 427434

When making decisions about the support needed for a CYP, best practice dictates you take into account the views of parents/carers, CYP, relevant professionals and support services. This allows practitioners to make informed and proportionate responses to a child’s needs.

How to get support from Intervention Circle

Prior to making an IC referral please do reach out to the locality based Inclusion Team or the Multi-Agency Forum Co-ordinator (MAFCo) to understand if there is simple support available from the Inclusion Team directly.

If, following that conversation, you feel an IC referral may be the most appropriate next step please do complete the referral form on the left of this page and submit to

Step 1: Identify there are barriers to accessing Education

Step 2: Contact the relevant locality Inclusion Team for initial advice

Step 3: Submit an IC referral form and ensure school has been informed of the referral as the IC Team will make contact.

* While referrals can be made to the Intervention Circle without explicit consent under the Public Tack lawful basis for processing information, please do ensure that the subject of the referral has been provided with a copy or link to your service/ agency privacy notice.

**Best practice would also suggest that the referral should not come as a surprise to the subject.

The Intervention Circle Triage and Operational Group Process

Once your referral is received it will be triaged by the IC Team. The triage process will involve initial research taking place and may result in you being contacted for additional information. The process will also require that we look at what existing or previous intervention has taken place prior to your referral and so may result in us making contact with other services/ agencies.

Following the triage process we will either progress the CYP for a conversation at the multi-disciplinary operational group or we will liaise with you and signpost to a more appropriate intervention if that is what’s best for the individual who has been referred. Either way we will communicate with you along the way.

When a CYP is to be discussed at a multi-agency operational group meeting, there will be a requirement for you as the referrer to attend the virtual meeting and present succinctly the current needs of the CYP. Information Governance allows the IC Team to share the full referral with services/agencies who are detailed in the Terms of Reference.

By submitting an IC referral the professional is agreeing to the IC Terms of Reference, and to providing review updates at the mid-point and 12-week review periods.  

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