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Families First

The Families First Team is one of a range of teams within the Early Help Partnership.

The role of Families First Teams:

  • Support the coordination and development of local partnerships.
  • Provide Advice, Guidance and Support through Community Social Workers and Early Help Co-ordinators.
  • Provide Targeted Support – a range of family support interventions including whole family intensive work, parenting groups, specific interventions linked to an assessment of need.

If you need to get hold of a Families First Team becasue they already hold the case or would like help completing an Early Help referral form, you can contact them via the details below.

Families First Teams:

Cheltenham 01452 328160

Cotswolds 01452 328101

Forest of Dean 01452 328048

Gloucester 01452 328076

Stroud 01452 328130

Tewkesbury 01452 328251

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