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Lead Practitioner Support

In Gloucestershire, we believe that families are best supported by those who are already working with them, with additional support from local partners arranged as needed.

Those who know the children and families are often best placed to open the support with the family but no practitioner can know/do everything to help a family. In Gloucestershire there are different options for supporting children, young people and families depending on the presenting needs and the levels of concern. Partners in the community can draw in help from a number of different sources to ensure that the children and families are getting the right support at the right time. This must be undertaken with informed consent, for which further information can be accessed by clicking HERE.  Practitioners can use Gloucestershire’s Levels of Intervention to help identify the level of concern.  This can be accessed by clicking HERE.

The Early Help Advice, Guidance and Support service will support Practitioners and those working with children and families to best help families. They can provide a wealth of tools, information, and training; and support Practitioners to write Assessment, Plans, gather the voices of children for family meetings, as well as help understand risk and safeguarding.  Further information regarding each role within the service can be found within the relevant drop-down below.

To discuss an Early Help referral in principle, please call 01452 427362.

Community Social Worker

Community Social Workers are qualified social workers that directly support practitioners in the community (statutory, non-statutory, and voluntary agencies) working with children and families.

They can help those who know the families and the families themselves identify risks and support the use of Gloucestershire’s Levels of Intervention. They can, with consent, assist with home visits and attend Team Around the Family meetings and they also deliver the Neglect Toolkit training.

Please contact your locality Community Social Worker using the details below:

Cheltenham 01452 328160
Cotswolds 01452 328101
Forest of Dean 01452 328048
Gloucester 01452 328076
Stroud 01452 328130
Tewkesbury 01452 328251

DWP Employment Adviser

Two Employment Advisors are seconded from the Department of Work and Pensions to support adults in their journey into employment.

This includes finding voluntary and paid work; support with education and training that moves someone nearer to employment; and information on courses and groups to improve someone’s skills.

Justin Grisman - Forest of Dean, Gloucester and Tewkesbury: 01452 328460 07971 996246


Fiona Chinn, Cheltenham, Cotswolds and Stroud: 01452 328294 07766 614901

Early Help Coordinator

Early Help Coordinators offer advice, guidance and support to practitioners working with children and families around all aspects of using the Graduated Pathway.

Early Help Coordinators can support practitioners with Team Around the Family meetings, developing plans and assessments and commissioning services to meet children’s needs. Early Help Coordinators also offer training around the Graduated Pathway of Early Help and Support and more information can be found HERE.

Early Help Coordinators work on a locality basis and can be contacted by using the numbers and email addresses below:

Cheltenham 01452 328160
Cotswolds 01452 328101
Forest of Dean 01452 328048
Gloucester 01452 328071
Stroud 01452 328130
Tewkesbury 01452 328250

Family Information Service

The Family Information Service offer a wide range of information advice, and signposting to support families, children and young people from 0 - 19 years of age (up to 25 years for young people with additional needs).

The advice and information they can provide encompasses a wide range of topics including:

  • Family Support
  • Parenting programmes including Triple P; Solihull; Webster Stratton; You, Me and Mum
  • The Local Offer (information on services for children and young people with SEND)
  • The Key Disability Register
  • Finding and choosing childcare (including day nurseries, pre-schools, holiday schemes)
  • Childcare funding (including 2,3 and 4 year old funding)
  • Things to do

A wealth of information can be found within the Family Information Directory and Local Offer sections of the GlosFamilies Directory.

Telephone: 01452 427362 





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