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Information Sharing and Consent

In the majority of cases when working with a child and/or family, it is necessary to secure their consent so that their information can be shared with other professionals to ensure timely access to the right services and support. It must be explained to a child (aged 12 or over) and adult(s) with responsibility for a child or young person what it means to give consent and how, when and why their information will be shared.

Gloucestershire County Council has a ‘Single Consent form’ to record a child (aged 12 or over) and/or family’s consent to share information. This is intended for use by all practitioners working with children, young people and families when they wish to share information with the County Council and its partners. The Single Consent form (or an equivalent) will need to be completed when submitting:

–      a Multi-Agency Service Request Form (MARF)

–      an Early Help Request for Support form (RFS)

There is also a ‘Sharing your information’ leaflet for use by children’s services teams and staff to help explain to children and families our need to secure their consent to share their information and what this means. Partner organisations should continue to use their own method (e.g. leaflet, letter etc) to advise children and families they are working with how their information will be shared to meet their own data protection requirements.

Information will be transferred, handled and stored securely in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and other relevant legislation. Information will only be shared when it will mean a better service is provided to a child, young person and/or family, helps keep a child or family safe or helps keep other people safe. Information will not be shared without consent unless there is a concern that someone is at risk and/or there is a legal duty on Gloucestershire County Council to share information.

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