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Registering Plans and Assessments

The local authority, together with partners such as Education, Health and the voluntary and community sectors, must work together to provide a cohesive Early Help offer to support children, young people and their families.  This relies on agencies communicating regularly with one another as we cannot know the extent to which they are providing Early Help unless we are notified.  Notifying us helps us link practitioners together if more than one agency is involved with the same child. This promotes information sharing and avoids unnecessary duplication.

For any child or young person, and their family, who are receiving support through the Early Help Graduated Pathway, please complete an Early Help Notification Form when there is:

  • An existing My Plan or Assessment and My Plan+ that we have not been previously notified of.
  • A new My Plan or Assessment and My Plan+.
  • A change of Lead Practitioner.
  • Closure of a My Plan or My Plan+.

If there is more than one Lead Practitioner within your setting, please complete a Notification Form for each Practitioner.

Please send Notification Forms securely (via Egress) to the relevant locality:

Forest of Dean



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