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Level 1 - Universal

Child or young person (CYP) with no identified additional needs or needs that can be met by universal services.

At Level 1, a My Profile (or similar) should be used, templates for which can be found in the relevant drop-down below. 

What you will need to do to support the child/young person and their family

  • If your agency can meet the child’s needs, follow your own agency’s procedures for support, delivery and review.

  • If your agency is unable to meet the child’s needs consult (in principle) with the appropriate agency that could meet the need and where appropriate make a referral with consent of the family.

Who can help you if you need it?

• Glosfamilies directory of services.

Local Offer.

What should happen if level of need decreases?

• Discuss with the child and their family.

• No further additional support required.

What should happen if level of need increases?

• Discuss with the child and their family.

• Contact Early Help Advice, Guidance and Support Teams and ask if a My Plan has been registered for the child.

• If yes, contact the Lead Practitioner to discuss your concerns.

• If no, create a My Plan and if a multi-agency response is required arrange a TAF meeting inviting relevant agencies that may need to be involved.

Don't forget to register the Plan with the Early Help, Advice and Guidance Team using the Notification Form that can be accessed by clicking HERE.

Further information, advice and guidance can be found within the Level 2 pages of the Tools, Templates and Support section, which can be accessed by clicking HERE.

My Profile Templates 0-5 years

My Profile Templates 5-11 years

My Profile Templates 11-16 years

My Profile Templates 16-25 years

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