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Level 3 - Intensive (My Plan+)

The child's needs are more complex and require an assessment to understand the range, depth or significance of the needs which may require a more intensive response.

At Level 3, a My Plan+ (including a My Assessment) should be used, templates for which can be found in the relevant drop-down below.  Direct work tools for use with children and young people can be accessed by clicking HERE.


What will you need to do to support the child/young person and their family?

• Gain consent from parent(s)/carer(s) to contact Early Help Advice, Guidance and Support Teams and ask if a My Plan or My Plan+ has been registered for the child by a different agency.  If yes, contact the Lead Practitioner and discuss your concerns and engage in the TAF.

• If no, discuss the needs with the child and their family and gain their consent to start a My Assessment & My Plan+.

• Consider a TAF meeting to gather information for the My Assessment.  Advice and guidance regarding TAF meetings can be found by clicking HERE.

• Hold a TAF meeting to share the agreed assessment and inform the My Plan+.

• Identify a Lead Practitioner (this may not be the person who wrote the assessment).

• Take action to meet the needs of the child and their family.

• Regularly review progress through TAF meetings.

Don't forget to register the Assessment and My Plan+ with Early Help Advice, Guidance and Support using the Notification Form, which can be accessed by clicking HERE.

Who can help you if you need it?

My Assessment Templates

My Assessment Guidance

My Assessment (word)

My Assessment (PDF)

Analysis of Assessment Form - a tool for gathering information from a range of sources to ensure a multi-agency approach to identifying needs.

My Plan+ Templates

My Plan+ Review Templates

Progress Charts

The main purpose of Progress Charts is to help measure improvements over time and provide a visual representation to the child/young person/parent/carer.  You can use the Progress Charts with a My Plan or My Assessment and My Plan + and as part of the Review process.  

Children and Young People

Guidance Notes - Children and Young People

My Progress Chart (C&YP)

My Progress Chart Tool

My Progress Chart - Communicate in print

Parents and Carers

Guidance Notes - Parent/Carer Progress Chart

Progress Chart (Parent/Carer)

Stepping Up to Social Care

Where families’ needs are escalating or they are not responding to the support being offered, a more intensive response may be required.

Similarly, as families build on their strengths and become more resilient they will need less support. These situations may require an increase or a decrease in the level of support that the family need, this is referred to as the ‘step up’ or the ‘step down’ process.

It is critical that a child and their family experience a seamless continuum of support throughout the levels of intervention and drift and delay is avoided.  

If a Practitioner feels that a statutory Social Care response is required to meet the needs of a family then please firstly consider whether Early Help and community interventions have had the opportunity to take effect. Talk to a Community Social worker or practitioner at the multi-agency safeguarding hub (MASH) to aid your own thinking and decision making. Practitioners will be requested to follow up a verbal referral with a written referral by completing a Multi Agency Referral Form (MARF) through the online portal. Make use of Gloucestershire’s Levels of Intervention document to inform your decision making and also any referral you complete.

The Lead Practitioner is responsible for providing relevant documentation which will normally include Early Help My Plan, My Assessments & My Plan+, genogram, chronology, latest Team Around the Family review meeting minutes, tools completed which provide evidence of an increase in the level of risk (e.g CSE Screening Tool, Neglect Toolkit, Disability screening tool).  These will be used to support the decision making process in the MASH and reduce duplication for the family in having to retell their story.

Should a Practitioner or multi-agency group decide that a Social Care response is required and does not have that request accepted there will likely be advice from MASH (Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub). This advice will suggest some next-steps and possible support from other professionals. If, however, a Practitioner feels that this is not the right decision then they can use the Escalation of Professional Concerns Policy to challenge that decision. The Guidance can be found HERE.

By the same reasoning there is guidance on ensuring that support remains seamless when Social Care end their statutory involvement in the ‘Level 4 – Specialist’ page of this section. If there is a decision by a Social Care team to end their involvement and ‘step-down’ to the community and the multi-agency group disagrees with that decision then the Escalation of Professional Concerns Policy noted above can be used to explore and challenge that in a restorative way.

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