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Resources for working with children and families

These pages are still in development and we would appreciate your contributions and feedback to support this.  Please contact the Early Help Co-ordinators in your locality. Thank you.

Direct Work Tools are resources that facilitate the work being undertaken with children and young people and can be used to build relationships, open communication, explore emotions and needs and help us, as Practitioners, to understand their lived experience.

There are a wide range of tools available, enabling Practitioners to choose the most appropriate based on age and/or stage of development of the child/young person.

One of our frequently used tools is the My Journey, which helps to ensure that the child/young person is listened to and that their voice contributes to the Assessment or Plan.  There are a number of themed templates including fairies, football and jelly beans, all of which, for ease of access along with guidance, can be found in the green drop down below.

To support you with your work, the tools have been divided into three categories: Building relationships with children and families; Understanding  feelings and emotions; Understanding lchildren and families' lived experiences.  These can be accessed by clicking on the blue tabs to the left hand side.  However, you may find that some of the tools can be used or adapted at any time throughout your work with a child/young person.

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