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Understanding Children and Families' Lived Experiences

This section provides practitioners with resources to help build a picture of what life is like for the child/young person (CYP). It is important for the practitioner to understand from a CYP’s perspective what their day is like and how this can impact their wellbeing. Gaining the voice of the child and a picture of their lived experiences provides the holistic view that enables the most appropriate support and intervention to be given in order to make a difference to the life of the child/young person.

The following list of resources and tools is not exhaustive, but a starting point for practitioner work:

My Day

Use the templates to understand what a typical day consists of for a child/young person.

Template 1

Template 2

Teen Safety Plan

The use of a safety plan may be appropriate when working with young people regarding healthy relationships to support them to lower risk at school and at home as well as being emotionally safe.


Whose Job is it to...

Through the use of words and images, a child/young person will be able talk through family life and support you to gain a better understanding of their lived experience.

Guidance notes


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