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Launching Gloucestershire’s revised ‘Levels of Intervention Guidance’

All staff working with children and young people need to be aware of this guidance; to help them make clear decisions based on the child or young person’s level of need.  This will help to ensure that children and young people are given access to the right level of support in order to improve their life chances and keep them safe.

About the revised guidance

It is everybody’s responsibility to safeguard children and promote their welfare, so we want to ensure that all children and young people with additional needs or at risk of harm are identified at the earliest possible opportunity to prevent them from reaching crisis point.

We have revised and updated the ‘Levels of Intervention Guidance’ to provide practitioners with a common understanding of the type and level of support that is needed for children and young people based on their need, in line with introduction of the Early Help Graduated Pathway and changes to the ‘Front Door’.

What it means for you

This guide will continues to help support your decision making based on the child’s level of need by: 

  • enabling you to take action with confidence
  • giving examples of some of the concerns that you might have and the appropriate action that should be taken
  • signposting you to other guidance and support, such as the GSCB website, Family Information Service and South West Child Protection Procedures

What do you need to do?

Always access the guidance from the GSCP website. It will be regularly updated to keep it consistent with changes to practice, process and legislation.  You can access it here:


For full details on Safeguarding in Gloucestershire visit the external link to the right of this page.

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