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Adoption Support in Gloucestershire

Adoption Support Gloucestershire is a service that supports adoptive families in Gloucestershire. They offer a range of services including support groups, training and opportunities to meet with and gain the mutual support of other adoptive families. Some children who have been placed for adoption will continue to have contact with their birth families via the Adoption Letterbox Scheme. This is a means of exchanging information while keeping the child's whereabouts confidential, using a Post Office address. The Adoption Support Team also offers support to birth relatives of children who have been placed for adoption, or if they prefer, they will refer them to Action for Children. Some adults who have been adopted decide that they would like to have informationabout the circumstances surrounding their adoption from their adoption record. The Team offers them advice and, in partnership with Action for Children, help them find the records.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Adoption Team
01452 427753 or 03303 550333

Where to go

Gloucestershire County Council
380 Bristol Road


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