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Family Group Conference

A Family Group Conference (FGC) brings together family and friends to make decisions and plans for the care, protection and support of a child/young person in your family.

The FGC is an opportunity for you and your wider family and close friends to talk about concerns within the family and decide how to deal with them in a way that makes sense to you.

How is the FGC arranged?

An independent co-ordinator will visit you at home and explain how the Family Group Conference process is organised. If you decide to go ahead the co-ordinator will work with you to plan the meeting and decide who to invite.

The co-ordinator will then visit all the family and friends that you have identified and discuss the meeting with them.

The co-ordinator will then arrange an advocate for the child or young person. This is someone who will work with the child or young person before the Family Group Conference to help them put across their views and wishes. The advocate will come to the meeting to support them to express their views and make all the necessary preparations for the meeting.

To access a Family Group Conference a lead professional will need to complete a referral which will need to be sent to the FGC Team. A copy of the referral form can be found within the Practitioner Information section below.

For more information see the leaflet attached.

Who to contact

01242 532353

Where to go

Edinburgh House
Edinburgh Place
GL51 7SA

Practitioner Information

This information is intended solely for the use of practitioners within the children and young people's workforce in Gloucestershire. Please do not share information within this section with others.
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