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Working for Wellbeing (W4W) Talking Café

Working for Wellbeing (W4W) will be hosting a Talking Café every Wednesday from 21/07/21 1030am-12pm, at Fairford Community Centre. Please come in for a cup of tea and a chat. We are here to help. Can’t make it but would like support and advice please call the helpline on 07555738138 Monday-Friday 930am-2pm.

Who are we?

Working for Wellbeing (W4W) is a new organisation created to assist everyone in Fairford, Lechlade and surrounding areas improve their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.  We comprise a core group, staff and a host of motivated volunteers.  We consider ourselves to be the “glue that binds” the many other charity organisations, local authorities and volunteers in our local community.

What is our purpose and what do we do?

Even before Covid 19 struck, it became clear to us that there was a growing need in our area for clearer guidance and support to a wide range of people who did not know where to turn in times of difficulty.  There was also a need to assist many people improve their wellbeing by knowing what support services and facilities were available both locally and countywide.   Covid 19 has been a challenge for everyone and has  made these issues  more urgent.

W4W intends to provide a service that, whatever your wellbeing requirement, you will have a simple, efficient way to get to the support you need. We will be hosting Talking Cafes in Fairford and Lechlade where you will be able to meet people who will listen to your concerns in a calm, confidential way over a cup of tea and cake!  Our Community Wellbeing Coordinatior will also have a dedicated telephone line for you to call and discuss your issues.  Their role will be to put you in touch with the appropriate support organisation and follow up to see that you have received the assistance you need. We will also have a website that that will enable you to search for the appropriate organisation.

 Who will benefit from Working for Wellbeing?

Our belief is that everyone in our local area will gain from our service. Whilst our focus will be on those people, both old and young who are lonely, have physical and mental health issues, we will also assist those who simply want to know what is available for them to become fitter, happier and mentally stronger.

Our local community will become even more connected and resilient if support and advice is delivered more efficiently.

 Our intention is to concentrate initially on the more vulnerable residents – the lonely, isolated, economically disadvantaged and those not connected to digital technology.  We will connect people in need to the incredible number of support organisations already in our community and be the key link and “the signpost” to them.

Who to contact


Where to go

Fairford Community Centre
The Fairford Community Centre
High Street

Time / Date Details

When is it on
Wednesday 10.30am-12pm
Time of day
Session Information
Wednesday 10.30am-12pm
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