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Dinglewell Junior School

Welcome to Dinglewell Junior School.

As you walk through the doors of our school you will experience an atmosphere that is calm, happy and hardworking.

Here at Dinglewell Junior School we are committed to providing the best education possible for all of our children through our creative curriculum and through high quality teaching, encouraging success and trying our best in all we do.

We believe that success in your child's education is enhanced through the partnership between home and school. With your support and cooperation we can work in partnership to ensure that your child achieves their best academically and is prepared with skills for life.

All the staff at Dinglewell Junior School are driven to providing an enjoyable, nurturing and caring environment that allows all our children to thrive. Learning should be fun and we want to create happy memories.

Together we can make a happy school.

Geraldine Brogan

Head teacher

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Miss G Brogan
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Head Teacher
01452 617376

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Local Offer

Local Offer Details

Dinglewell Junior School aims to support all children, including those with SEND to reach their full potential.  Admissions follow the Local Authority admissions policy and can be found on the website.  We welcome all children, regardless of need, unless in extreme cases we feel we cannot meet their specific needs.

We support children with the following needs:

  • Generalised and moderate learning difficulties
  • Specific Learning Difficulties e.g. dyslexia, dyspraxia
  • Communication and Interaction Difficulties
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Asperger's Syndrome
  • Physical and Medical Needs
  • Speech and Language Needs
  • Social and Emotional difficulties
  • Sensory impairment (visual and hearing)


We use a variety of methods of support:

  • 1:1 - 1:2
  • Small group - up to 6 pupils
  • In class support.

We also use a variety of interventions both published and created for specific pupils, dependent upon individual needs,

Details of these can be found on SEND page of our website in our policy and SEN information report.

Children are supported at different levels

Universal - all pupils receive High Quality Differentiated First Teaching from class teacher.

Targeted (Wave 2)- those needing a little extra boost but are not SEN

My Plan - SEN needs addressed on a plan with the needs met wholly or mostly within school, possibly with some support from  outside agencies.

My Plan+ - More complex SEN needs assessed with a 'My Assessment' and more support from outside agencies.

EHC Plan - the highest level of support when a local authority provides funding for a additional 1:1 support from a qualified TA for a pupil.



Contact Name
Mrs Hazel Phillips
Contact Telephone
01452 617376
Contact Email
Links to further SEND information
Dinglewell Junior School SEN Information Report
SEN Provision Type

SEND Local Offer Form  

Who is your service for?
Local Offer Age Bands
4-11 (Primary School)
How accessible is your service?

All entries to our school are wheelchair friendly and have been widened where needed, awkward lips and steps removed and slopes and handrails built in where needed  

All internal doors on the lower floor are wide enough for wheelchairs,

The school is built on 2 storeys and the upper floor is not currently accessible as we do not have a lift.

We have an accessible toilet in main building and another in the terrapin classrooms.

Is the building fully wheelchair accessible?
Is there disabled changing and toilet facilities?
Describe any training or experience you/your staff, have had or are having in issues around SEND?

 All our staff are trained in delivering the interventions which they deliver.

Recent whole staff training in Numicon.

All staff are Level 1 autism training and we are in the progress of the working towards the IMPACT quality mark

Certain staff are trained in new Fizzy Coaching

Pastoral Inclusion manager Trained in THRIVE

Other staff have been trained in Emotional difficulties, challenging behaviours, phonics and speech and language.

Have any members of you/your team had experience of working with children and young people with the following disabilities/additional needs?
a) young people with autistic spectrum disorders
b) young people who use alternative communication methods
c) young people with learning difficulties/disabilities whose behaviour challenges us
d) young people with complex physical/medical requirements
Local Offer file
Download more Local Offer details for
Dinglewell Junior School here...
Download more Local Offer details for
Dinglewell Junior School here...

Practitioner Information

This information is intended solely for the use of practitioners within the children and young people's workforce in Gloucestershire. Please do not share information within this section with others.
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