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Andoversford Primary School

Our vision at Andoversford Primary School is to be the heart of the community, enabling a learning environment that is safe, caring and inspirational for all and one that celebrates the uniqueness of each child.  Enriched opportunities will be provided for the academic and creative learner, to achieve personal success and prepare them for their future aspirations.


Who to contact

Contact Name
Mrs Rachel Bradley-McKay
Contact Position
Head Teacher
01242 820407

Where to go

Andoversford Primary School
Gloucester Road
GL54 4HR

Local Offer

Local Offer Details

What are the different types of support available for children with SEND in Andoversford Primary?

Provision for each child is met on an individual basis. Some children will have support in class; others will be withdrawn for short periods to cover individual work or to take part in specific tailored interventions, while some will work on a differentiated curriculum in groups within class.

Class Teacher input: Teachers endeavour to provide excellent classroom practice.

- The class teacher will have the highest possible expectations for your child and all pupils in their class

- Teaching will be based on building on what your child already knows, can do and can understand

- Different techniques and ways of teaching are utilised to fully involve children in their learning in class (e.g. interactive and experiential learning)

- Specific strategies are in place to support your child to learn – these may have been suggested by outside agencies.

- Your child’s teacher will have carefully checked your child’s progress and will have decided how to meet gaps in learning to help them make the best progress possible.


Specific Group work with a smaller group of children

- These groups are called intervention groups

- They can be run in the classrooms or more usually just outside the classroom or in the atrium

- They can be run by a teacher or teaching assistant

- Your child will engage in the group session with specific targets to help them make more progress

- Sometimes an external professional will advise on the running of these groups


Specified Individual support

- This can be provided in a classroom setting or outside of the classroom

- This is usually provided via a Statement of Special Educational Needs or a Education, Health and Care Plan, although other children may be considered

- Children who receive this level of support have been identified by the class teacher, SENDCo and outside agencies to need a particularly high level of support

- Your child will also need specialist support in school from a professional outside the school - e.g. Advisory Teaching Service, Educational Psychologist

- For your child this would mean a request to the local authority for a EHC Plan or Statutory Assessment

- Once a EHC Plan is in place it would outline the type of support required and how the school will deliver this support.

Contact Name
Mrs Aileen Jones
Contact Telephone
01242 820407
Contact Email
Links to further SEND information
Andoversford Primary School SEN Information Report

SEND Local Offer Form  

Describe any training or experience you/your staff, have had or are having in issues around SEND?

- The SENDCo’s job is to support the class teacher in planning targets and priorities for children with SEND

- Whole school or individual staff training is given to staff as and when appropriate

- Staff who need additional training are either sent on training courses, or are provided with in house training when needed.

- The SENDCO is involved with the SEND cluster group based in the North Cotswolds.

- EP and Advisory Teaching Service advisors are involved in training and advice for TAs and staff as well as NHS health specialists such as Speech and Language Therapy or the school nurse, as required

Local Offer file
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