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Watermoor C of E Primary School

We offer a welcoming and caring environment where all children are valued and encouraged to develop to their fullest potential.  At Watermoor School every child matters and we firmly believe in offering a high standard of education for all of our pupils.


Watermoor is a Church of England Primary School with voluntary controlled status.  It caters for children aged from four to eleven years.  Church Schools owe their origins to the Church, however under the terms of the 1944 Education Act the Church gave up control of the School to the Local Authority. The Local Authority is responsible for the upkeep, repairs and for the conduct of the school. Watermoor C of E Primary School is proud of its Christian ethos and promotes Christian values. We currently have 93 pupils on role, but expect to grow over the next few years due to our planned relocation and expansion in 2014.  At the moment we have 4 classes of mixed age year groups.

A caring school with a family feel

There are 4 classrooms with adjoining areas for practical activities.  The hall is used for school assemblies and is  equipped for a full range of games and physical education activities.  There is a quiet courtyard area where  children may relax at playtimes and during the lunch break.  The larger surfaced play area is used for  outdoor games and livelier playtime activities.   The adjoining field is also used for sports and games lessons and as a  play area during the summer months.  The trim trail on the field is all-weather and used throughout the year.  We are proud of our ‘rainbow room’ – a relaxed space for nurture groups, family meetings and support.

It is our intention that all members of the school community  receive their legal and moral entitlement to equality of opportunity  irrespective of their age, creed, gender and ethnic origin, physical or  intellectual status.

Our Vision Statement

Our new vision statement was launched in September 2013 to reflect the changing priorities of the school after its significant journey of improvement.  The following statement was developed in consultation with pupils, staff, Governors and parents.

Dream: We aim to inspire our pupils to ‘dream big’ and aspire to make their dreams a reality.  We will provide our pupils with many opportunities to experience extraordinary things, find positive role models and discover what they want to achieve in their lives now, and in the future.  We will help them realise the extent to these possibilities

Believe: At Watermoor, we believe in ourselves and each other.  Through strong relationships and trust, we support our pupils in believing they can achieve their goals.  A Christian faith underpins our school values and pupils are reminded that God believes in them and gives them strength.

Strive: We aim to teach pupils that success requires hard work and dedication.  We support our pupils in making progress by helping them set clear, achievable targets and showing them the steps they need to take.  We believe that everyone can succeed at something, at some level, and we value these differences.   

Succeed: As an inclusive school, we value everyone’s achievements.  We celebrate and reward the hard work and success of others.  We are clear about what success means and how it can be realised.  Everyone strives to be the best they can be and supports each other to achieve this. 


Who to contact

Contact Name
Mrs Fox
Contact Position
Head Teacher
01285 653817

Where to go

Kingshill Lane

Local Offer

Local Offer Details

What are the different types of support available for children with SEND at Watermoor C of E Primary School

Provision for each child is planned and implemented on an individual basis to best meet the needs of the individual child.

Some children will have support in class; others will be withdrawn for short periods to cover individual work, while some will work on a differentiated curriculum in groups.

We follow a ‘graduated approach’ that enables the right level of intervention and support when needed.

All SEND children will have the chance to create a ‘learning passport’ (GCC MY PROFILE) with their teacher. This will include information about the child’s interests, hopes and goals etc as a starting point for any support.

Class Teacher input: Teachers endeavour to provide ‘Quality First Teaching’. (UNIVERSAL SUPPORT)

- The class teacher will have the highest possible expectations for your child and all pupils in their class

- Teaching will be based on building what your child already knows, can do and can understand

- Different techniques and ways of teaching are utilised to fully involve children in their learning in class (e.g. more practical learning)

- Specific strategies are in place to support your child to learn – these may have been suggested by the SENDCo or outside agencies.

- Your child’s teacher will have carefully checked your child’s progress and will have decided how to meet gaps in learning to help them make the best progress possible.

Specific Group work with a smaller group of children (TARGETTED SUPPORT)

 - These groups are called intervention groups

- They can be run in the classrooms or outside

- They can be run by a teacher or teaching assistant

- Your child will engage in the group session with specific targets to help them make more progress

- Sometimes an external professional will guide or run these groups

- The groups can support pupils’ needs in academic, developmental aspects, social or emotional learning.

Specified Individual support (SPECIALIST SUPPORT)

- Children who receive this level of support have been identified by the class teacher, SENDCo and outside agencies.

- This can be provided in a classroom setting or outside of the classroom

- This may be identified prior to the child starting at primary school in a pre school or nursery environment or by a health visitor

- Your child may also need specialist support in school from a professional outside the school - e.g. Advisory Teaching Service, Educational Psychologist

Contact Name
Contact Telephone
01285 653817
Contact Email
Links to further SEND information
Watermoor C of E Primary School SEND Local Offer
SEN Provision Type

SEND Local Offer Form  

Who is your service for?
Local Offer Age Bands
4-11 (Primary School)
Describe any training or experience you/your staff, have had or are having in issues around SEND?

How are the teachers in school helped to work with children with an SEND and what training do they receive?

- Part of the SENDCo’s role is to support the class teacher in planning for children with SEND

- Whole school training is given to staff as and when appropriate based on the needs of the children in the school at the time

- Staff who need additional training either attend courses, or are provided with in house training when needed.

- The schools seeks to continually review and improve provision and expertise and will work collaboratively with other primary schools to share good practice and learn from others.

- The SENDCO is involved with the SEND cluster group based in the South Cotswolds.

- EP and Advisory Teaching Service advisors are involved in training and advice for TAs and staff as well as NHS health specialists such as Speech and Language Therapy.

- We work with many agencies who visit the school to help with support/advice and training.

Local Offer file
Download more Local Offer details for
Watermoor C of E Primary School here...


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