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Rednock School

For information about Rednock School please visit the Rednock School Website. We hope that it will show you the school we enjoy and the values and activities that we pride ourselves in. We offer a variety of opportunities at Rednock, and we celebrate the talents and interests our students have here.

Great care is taken to encourage ability, enthusiasm and positive approach in our School. We are proud of the community spirit we have developed both in our main School and 6th Form. There is great co-operation and communication between our pupils, parents and staff.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Mr David Alexander
Contact Position
Head Teacher
01453 543618

Where to go

Rednock School
Kingshill Road
GL11 4BY

Local Offer

Local Offer Details

Rednock School is a school at the heart of its local community; dedicated to providing a quality, caring edu-cation for every child irrespective of ability or background. We are situated in a large, open building with fantastic facilities. We are accessible to wheelchair users and we have a lift that offers access to the first and second floors. We also have two access toilets on every floor and a suite of rooms within the SEND de-partment.

We currently have a team of 11 Teaching Assistants (TAs) who support students. Interventions are in place which may include TA support as one of the strategies. They support students in class and have access to a programme of continuing professional development which has included, during the last year, cerebral pal-sy, hearing impairments, vision impairments and behaviour management. TAs are deployed across the school, key stages and subject areas but are matched to their subject strengths where possible.

In addition, we also have a team of four literacy and numeracy TAs/Teachers who work with students with SEND and/or those students who are not making the required progress in 1:1 or small group situations. A range of data is used to identify these students and interventions run for six weeks. Students are assessed following the completion of the programme in order to determine whether further support is required; if students have made the required progress their needs will be met through quality teaching in the class-room. Parents are informed at the beginning and end of each intervention cycle by letter. Intervention pro-grammes include reading, spelling, sound training, social skills and anger management; we are presently looking to train one of our TAs to deliver a speech & language programme to our students who have speech, language & communication difficulties (SLCN).

We are able to offer a personalised Key Stage 4 programme for those students who are unable to manage the full allocation of GCSEs due to medical needs for example. We also currently offer a Pathway 3 option (two option subjects instead of four) which enables students with literacy and numeracy difficulties to attend Stroud College once a week in order to complete a BTEC course in a more practical subject.

‘The Link’ is situated on the ground floor of the building and is managed by Mrs Kath Clements (Student Development Manager). It supports students with emotional, social and behavioural difficulties and those students who are vulnerable. Each student is provided with a personalised support package that is tailored to meet their specific needs and is reviewed regularly. Our fixed term exclusion rate for 2013-14 was re-duced due to long term planning which included specific interventions and was focused on alternatives to exclusion. This demonstrates that we have supported and continue to support students who find it hard to conform to school rules.

An ELO* (Extended Learning Opportunity) lunch club runs every Tuesday and Thursday to support Year 7 students with their ELO projects and is supervised by a qualified TA. There is also a supervised break and lunch club available for our more vulnerable students.

We assess SEND students towards the end of Year 9 for access arrangements. If the students meet the cri-teria they may be entitled to one or more of the following arrangements: a reader, a scribe, extra time, a word processor, a prompter, rest breaks.

* Students in Year 7 are set ELO projects instead of homework. Each subject area will issues a list of options and will ask students to complete one or two a term; a clear deadline will be issued. The ELOs are collated and issued to students termly in a booklet.

Contact Name
Mrs Emma Vowels - SENDCo
Contact Telephone
01453 540 738
Contact Email
Links to further SEND information
Rednock School SEN Information Report
SEN Provision Type

SEND Local Offer Form  

Who is your service for?
Local Offer Age Bands
11-16 (Secondary School)
16-18 (Transitions into Adulthood)
Describe any training or experience you/your staff, have had or are having in issues around SEND?

The SEND team have a wealth of experience and qualifications including:

Psychometric testing & access arrangements (CCET & AAC) (these tests cover a range of skills including reading, spelling, com-prehension, visual perception etc. )

Psychodynamic counselling (supporting children with current issues that may impact on their wellbeing).

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) (strategies to support children whose first language is not English).


Manual Handling & Infection Control (supporting the movement of children with physical disabilities safely and managing the risk of infection with personal care).

Behaviour Management (dealing with low level disruption and using assertive discipline).

Sound Training for Reading (a package we have bought in that trains students to recognise the individual sounds within words).

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