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Gloucester Child Contact Centre

The Gloucester Child Contact Centre provides a safe and neutral place where children can enjoy the company of adults from whom they are separated. We are open every Saturday afternoon, between 2 pm and 5 pm. There is a warm and friendly atmosphere, with plenty of toys and you can buy refreshments.

We are here to help contact take place in whatever way has been agreed by you and the other party. You can choose whether or not you will meet up with each other at the Centre. Each Saturday afternoon, there are at least four volunteers on duty to help everything run smoothly.

Whilst at the Centre, the welfare of each child is the responsibility of the contact adults and not the Centre's volunteers. We have our own rules, which include restrictions on photography, other visitors, and links with other agencies. The Co-Ordinator will be happy to explain these to you.  We have a strict policy on confidentiality, however appropriate action would be taken if the welfare of a child was considered at risk.

Before beginning to use the Centre, the details of contact should be sorted out by you and the other party, perhaps with the help of a Solicitor, Social Worker or Family Court Welfare Officer. They can also assist you in completing one of our referral forms, which are obtained from our Co-ordinator. it is not appropriate and it has proven unworkable for further negotiations to take place at the Centre or through the Co-ordinator.

The Centre reserves the right to reduce contact or terminate use if it is felt to be in the best interest of the child.

Who to contact

07522 541005

Where to go

c/o 84
Frampton Road

Please do not call at this address.  This is for postal correspondence only and is not our venue address.


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