The Freedom Programme (general)

Freedom Programme

The Freedom Programme is an 11 week course that supports and empowers women who have been or are still in unhealthy relationships. The course is run from one of our friendly Children’s Centres with experienced tutors on a rolling programme each school term. If you think this could be for you then please call Kelly Campbell for more details and how to refer. Self-referrals are accepted.

Are any of the following statements about unhealthy relationships familiar to you?

  • My partner does not allow me to go out and if I do I have to get permission so I don’t go out much
  • My partner takes all the money we have, I only get a given a little bit and sometimes can’t even buy nappies for the baby
  • My partner is always putting me down and I have no self confidence
  • My partner makes me feel guilty so I try to do more to make me feel less guilty
  • My partner says I’m a bad mother and turns the children against me

What will you be doing on the Freedom Programme?

If the statements above are familiar to you then the Freedom Programme will help you to recognise what your partner is doing or has done and help you to move on and take control of your life. Each week we will look at how unhealthy relationships work and why. We’ll look at the main characteristics of people who cause domestic abuse and the main characteristics of people who are not abusive in relationships.  We’ll talk with each other and discuss values, awareness, problem solving and building confidence. The sessions are well structured, confidential and safe and our trained, experienced tutors will support you to achieve the best for your individual situation.

How did the Freedom Programme start?   

The Freedom Programme was developed as a result of the many hundreds of conversations the author, Pat Craven, had had with men and women who had been part of very unhealthy relationships. It also uses parts of The Duluth Model which was developed in North America to get community involvement in helping individuals who were experiencing domestic abuse.

How long does the course take and who else will be doing it?

Each session lasts approximately 1 ½ to 2 hours per week and you’ll attend 11 sessions. At the first session you’ll complete a confidential questionnaire and at the last session you’ll do the same questionnaire so you can see how far you have come. You’ll receive a workbook to help you understand the sessions and get the most out of them. The people who come to these courses are women, are from a wide age range 18+ and usually have families, some may have grown up children or some may still have dependent children.   

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