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Active Impact

Active Impact aims to help disabled children and young people break down the barriers that often prevent them from achieving all that they could. We are interested not in services but opportunities - in fun, challenge and good relationships.

Outside of their families many disabled children and young people only get to spend time with people who are paid to be with them.  Active Impact promotes ways in which they can explore interests and activities with people who simply choose to be with them - non-disabled young people and both disabled and non-disabled adult volunteers.

Of Course We Can events for young people aged up to 25 years.  Our Of Course We Can programme works with a number of partner organisations who run events and set up projects, bringing together the skills and experience of specialist disability agencies with the expertise and commitment of a wide range of ordinary providers of children's activities. See the brochure in the download section or at for details.

Everyone is welcome at an Of Course We Can event including those who have learning difficulties/disabilities, autism or physical/sensory impairments.  If you need lots of help to take part, we’ll do everything we can to support you. This may mean assistance with lifting, toilets, communication or access . Please let the event provider know your
specific requirements when you book so they can arrange to meet them before the event.

If there is an event which you’d like to go on but the cost is more than you can afford, please talk to us or the event provider as we don’t want the charges to exclude anyone.
We think there is something here for everyone so please browse the brochure, choose your event(s) and look forward to adventure, enjoyment and friendship this Spring and Summer.

We regularly develop locality based projects with local parent carer groups to identify and support local community organisations to improve their welcome for disabled children.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Nicole Hastie / Caroline Weston
Contact Position
Active Impact Development Managers

Where to go

Unit 16, Highnam Business Centre
Newent Road

Other Details


Additional Charges
Costs vary for each


Referral required
Referral Details

The Of Course We Can programme is for disabled children and young people usually from 8 - 25, although some partner providers can take children from age 5.

The service covers children and young people with learning difficulties/disabilities, autism or physical/sensory impairments. Children and young people can be referred to take part in a particular activity or their family can choose for them to take part and contact the provider of the activity directly.

Local Offer

Local Offer Details

We coordinate a programme of weekend and holiday activities for disabled children and young people alongside their non-disabled peers called Of Course We Can.  The activities are available to children and young people with the widest range of different impairments.  Of Course We Can gives the children and young people the chance to do something different.  Dragon Boating, Make a Music Video, Carnival Countdown, go to WOMAD World Music Festival, Horsing Around, Cooking, Designing and building models with Lego / Knex, Creative Camping, Sailing  ....and more!  Families report a range of benefits to their children including increasing confidence, pride in achievements, fun, friendship, mixing with other children and adults they might not usually meet, independence as well as families getting some time to spend with their other children or just for themselves.

The Of Course We Can events we coordinate are usually fully acccessible and if not, this will be made clear by the providers.  As the events are designed for disabled children and young people, the environment is appropriate for the target group of each event.  As long as the providers have been fully informed about the requirements of each participant, any extra support needed will either be provided by the staff on the event or if more 1:1 support is required to enable a child or young person to take part in the activities, that may need someone else joining the group which would need paying for.

Contact Name
Caroline Eardley
Contact Telephone
Contact Email
Links to further SEND information
Active Impact
Of Course We Can
SEN Provision Type

SEND Local Offer Form  

Who is your service for?
Local Offer Age Bands
4-11 (Primary School)
11-16 (Secondary School)
16-18 (Transitions into Adulthood)
18-25 (Young Adults)
How accessible is your service?

Our short breaks providers aim to be as accessible as possible.  Contact each provider for more information they are very happy to answer any questions you may have.

Is the building fully wheelchair accessible?
Is there disabled changing and toilet facilities?
Describe any training or experience you/your staff, have had or are having in issues around SEND?

Our Of Course We Can partner providers have a wide range of training and qualifications as independent providers.  They may also involve specialists such as medically trained staff as appropriate.

Have any members of you/your team had experience of working with children and young people with the following disabilities/additional needs?
a) young people with autistic spectrum disorders
b) young people who use alternative communication methods
c) young people with learning difficulties/disabilities whose behaviour challenges us
d) young people with complex physical/medical requirements


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