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Gloucestershire Front Door’s new portal for referring concerns about a child

Gloucestershire Front Door’s new portal for referring concerns about a child


If you need to make a referral to the Front Door for Childrens services, please use the new Liquid Logic portal to complete a MARF.


The process you have been using for referring children to our Front Door involves completion of a MARF (Multi-Agency Request Form) using a word document.  This has proved inefficient and duplicates work by partner agencies.


The benefits of this new portal include:


  • Less duplication and a quicker decision making process;
  •  Increased availability as the MARF form will be available 24/7 via laptop, PC, tablet or smartphone;
  • Reduced errors as information will be sent directly to the Children’s services Front Door; and
  • Security – end to end encryption through the portal and an audit trail of all referrals



If you need make a referral to the Front Door for children’s services, please use the new portal to compete a MARF. Please see the link below.


All MARF’s will need to be completed via the portal. When a child is at immediate risk of significant harm, please continue to contact the Front Door on 01452 426565.


There is no need for any training to use the new portal. If you make regular referrals you will only need to register once.


How to use the portal


Before using the portal, you will need to register. Once registered, you will be able to complete a Multi Agency Referral Form.

Read the step by step guide for help. (LINK to attached)


Need help?


If you need assistance using the portal please contact your community social worker or Early Help Coordinator for help and advice.


If you have any queries about practice, contact the Children’s Practitioners advice line on 01452 426565 (Option 3). If you have a technical issue such as logging in or registering an account, contact the ICT systems support team at


Please make sure that before making a referral, you speak to your designated safeguarding lead and ensure the referral goes through your Quality Assurance process before you submit the MARF.

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