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Priority Service Register

Many people don't realise that each utility provider has a Priority Service Register. If you are a vulnerable person, perhaps due to illness, disability or age, or if you care for a vulnerable person, you can sign up for free to the Priority Service Registers to ensure you get extra support when services fail you.   The support available differs for each utility and each company, but it might include tips on preparing for the worst, a special priority phone number, regular updates on when normal service will resume and, in extreme cases, support to ensure your household’s wellbeing, like British Red Cross intervention or transfer to a hotel with access to the water, electricity or heating you require. In addition, many suppliers also provide support for customers who are struggling to pay bills, so do ask about this if you feel you need to.    Because the services offered differ, you will need to contact each of your utility providers to ask them about their Priority Service Register. There is no charge and you can register for all, or some of the services.


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